UN General Assembly Demands Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza Despite US and Israeli Opposition

The United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted in favor of a non-binding resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the war-torn Gaza Strip. The resolution received support from 153 member states, with 23 abstaining and 10, including the United States and Israel, voting against it.

This resolution follows the recent veto by the United States of a similar ceasefire proposal in the UN Security Council. The General Assembly’s vote reflects a global call for an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and addresses the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The resolution, considered politically significant with moral weight, calls for a ceasefire, adherence to international law by all parties, and immediate and unconditional humanitarian access to hostages, with their release being a priority. The demand is stronger than a previous October vote that called for a “sustained humanitarian truce.”

Despite being non-binding, the resolution has been hailed as a crucial step by Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour, who emphasized that it “demands, and we will not rest until we see compliance of Israel with this demand.” The situation in Gaza has worsened over the three-month conflict, with over 18,000 reported casualties, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield acknowledged the dire humanitarian situation but expressed concerns about the effectiveness of an immediate ceasefire. Israel, rejecting previous calls for a ceasefire, insists on continuing its military campaign until it eliminates the Palestinian group Hamas, which controls Gaza.

Notable votes against the resolution came from Israel, the United States, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Austria, the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Liberia, Micronesia, and Nauru. Canada, in a break from its southern neighbor, supported the resolution, emphasizing the importance of international efforts towards a sustainable ceasefire.

The resolution’s passage signals the growing isolation of the United States and Israel on the international stage, with President Joe Biden warning Israel of diminishing international support due to its “indiscriminate” bombing of civilians.

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