What a topic to be discussing that nobody has any concrete answer and validity to. Christians believe that the future is bent by the rules of God and not by anyone on earth. You might say that this is one of the world’s most presumptuous questions. Whether we think about our future, our children’s future, our Country’s future and the future of the world, we have no idea or certainty that what we imagine in our minds is what will happen.

Imagination is such a powerful tool that the human mind has ability to access. Worrying about the future is just a cause of raising your blood pressure, keep calm knowing that focusing in the present is the way to live our lives, focusing on ourselves and being better ambassadors to our nations is what we ought to strive for. As Africans we scientifically think way beyond our capacity.

A typical African man is bound to society roles aside the man hood roles. Taking care of a whole community by bare minimum wage is something that has got to be one of the toughest jobs a man can do. Now Bearing in mind that this African man is polygamous and has many children, he is bound to too much pressure if he thinks about the future of all he is connected to. Food for thought?

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