Strict Ban on Mobile use in Schools by Dutch Government

The Dutch government said on Tuesday that it will generally prohibit tablets and smart watches from classrooms starting in January 2024 in an effort to reduce distractions during teaching.The Dutch government has announced plans to ban devices, including mobile phones, from classrooms to prevent them from interfering with lessons.The program is being launched in partnership with schools and will go into action at the beginning of the following year.There will be a few exceptions, such as those for pupils who require special medical attention and for courses prioritizing digital skills.According to the government, it will be up to individual schools to decide whether to completely ban devices from their respective schools. They will be given the freedom to implement the ban according to their own plans, but they are cautioned that legal restrictions may apply if the ban is not put into place by the summer of 2024.Even though mobile devices are a part of our daily lives, they have no place in the classroom. Education minister Robert Dijkgraaf said in a statement.

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