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More and more companies will emerge in the upcoming years with innovation and modernity, which can significantly alter the global economy. Startups can be launched from anywhere, and the nations with the greatest needs frequently offer the best prospects.

Startups flourish in developing nations, war-torn countries, and nations that are new to entrepreneurship. So entrepreneurship can boost the growth of a nation. Small companies like startups are crucial to economic expansion. This is because they create jobs, which leads to lower unemployment rates, which in turn signifies a more developed and better-functioning economy. 

Mr. Machot Matur Makuer, a Public startegist in the department of Media Relations at Shafaf Public Relations Firm, says a the role of start-up in South Sudan is vital for its development and publicity.

MR.Machot Matur Makuer

Having sat down with a correspondent for an interview Mr. Machot Matur had this to say about the rise of start up companies in South Sudan and in the world in general. “Start Up companies are vital for the economical expansion of any economy”. The South Sudan government is purely reliant on oil revenue as it continues to try and find its feet on the global economic ladder.

“Start-up company like Suddex Communications and PR has greatly influenced change in most companies that they represent. Having a company with such principle is difficult to find in the modern world”. says Mr. Machot ” Being Lead by a leadership group with board members who are lead by Mr. Sebit Riak Gordon is truly inspiring to many people.”

Machot Matur(left) and Mr. Sebit Gordon(right) attending a podcast in Nairobi Kenya.

Since the number of startups is growing, competition between them is also increasing. But healthy competition is significant for startups and customers to curate the startup environment. As of now, many startups have introduced the latest technologies like the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. Most technology giant companies outsource their tasks to startups nowadays, which will help to upsurge the cash flow of startups.

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