Shafaf Public Relations Firm (SPRF) has reportedly signed a contract that enables the firm to manage and partner up with SOSEA to protect their reputation and promote the organizations work. The reports come after negotiations took place between the two parties in the past weeks and people close to the deal feel that the deal is finally in place and all parties will be well compensated.

As per reports the contract will be valid for eighteen months with an option for a further year. The firm has signed a contract that will be valid for 18 months with the option for a further year that will can be triggered by either side. Shafaf PR is one of the most lucrative and consistent public relations firm in the world. “There is excitement around the firm as we speak, we have worked hand in hand with SOSEA to get this deal done and all we look forward to is to serve our clients in the most professional way possible.” says the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the firm.

Figures close to the deal are working tirelessly exchanging documents to make the deal work as SOSEA is about to kick right back into the season 2023/2024. SOSEA is working hard during the off season to be able to provide quality entertainment to its viewers and make the league competitive and an exciting one. SOSEA has natured talents of many players and it aims to continue doing so as the organization targets to develop more players and give them the opportunity to be able to become professional players.

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