Senegal top court rejects opposition leader Sonko’s appeal in libel case.

Senegal’s High Court has rejected resistance lawmaker Ousmane Sonko’s allure in his slander conviction, a choice that seriously jeopardizes his possibilities running in official decisions.

“The sentence and fines have been affirmed. Sonko lost all in all,” state legal counselor El Hadji Diouf said on Friday after the appointed authority managed to maintain the half year suspended sentence following an over 12-hour hearing.

He added that Sonko was “presently completely restricted from participating in a political decision”. The 49-year-old had documented his bid papers last month, while in guardianship, to contend in the February 25 decisions.

Sonko has been in prison since July after his capture on revolt charges, when he was likewise struck off the country’s electing rolls.

He has confronted different legal disputes throughout recent years for charges including criticism and assault, which he denies. The bodies of evidence against him have set off destructive viciousness in the West African country.

After consultations that reached out from Thursday into the early long periods of Friday, the court dismissed Sonko’s allure against the May conviction. As per Senegalese regulation, Sonko can’t contend in the official race while such a conviction is maintained.

His lawful group, in any case, said the misfortune was not last. “The battle will proceed,” his attorney Cire Cledor Ly told correspondents outside the court working in the capital, Dakar.

He denies any bad behavior and says all charges against him are politically persuaded. The public authority, which blames Sonko for stirring up brutality, disintegrated his Nationalists of Senegal (PASTEF) party in July.

“Nobody questions the political part of this undertaking which expects to take out the head of the resistance,” said PASTEF representative El Malick Ndiaye on the most recent decision. “Sonko actually stays in the race,” he said on public radio.

Sonko put third in Senegal’s 2019 official political race and is well known with the nation’s childhood. His allies keep up with the charges against him are essential for an administration work to crash his bid in the current year’s surveys.

He is viewed as a principal resistance challenger in the competition to succeed President Macky Sall, who declared in July that he wouldn’t look for a questionable third order following a very long time of equivocalness and hypothesis about his goals.

In December, a court in the southern city of Zinguichor, where Sonko is chairman, requested that he be restored on the discretionary register.

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