Putin Engages in Diplomacy with Israel Amid Gaza Crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin has entered the fray in the Israel-Hamas conflict, engaging in diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation and address the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian crisis. His discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revolved around measures to de-escalate the situation.

Notably, Netanyahu was also briefed on Putin’s conversations with regional leaders, including those from Palestine, Egypt, Iran, and Syria. During these talks, Putin expressed condolences for the loss of Israeli lives and reiterated Russia’s commitment to achieving a peaceful settlement through diplomatic means.

The discussions come at a critical juncture, with Israel considering a ground invasion in Gaza. The timing of such an operation is being influenced by operational factors, with the government’s approved objective being the removal of Hamas from control in Gaza.

Putin’s involvement underscores the international community’s concerns and efforts to mitigate the ongoing conflict, which has entered its eleventh day, resulting in substantial casualties and a growing humanitarian crisis. The path towards a peaceful resolution remains a global priority as leaders work to find a way to end the violence and restore stability to the region.

The United Nations has urgently called for a lifting of the siege on Gaza, emphasizing the dire need for humanitarian assistance. Both sides have suffered significant casualties, with the crisis showing no signs of abating.

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