Planet Hot: Unleashing Nature’s Fury.

The average globally temperature on Monday exceeded every record previously held dating back to 1884. On Tuesday, it soared even further, surpassing the previous record for the highest temperature, which had previously been set in August 2016 at 16.92 degrees Celsius, by a few degrees Celsius. The reading, according to scientists, was the highest ever recorded by any tool dating back to the end of the 19th century.

The average temperature around the globe increased for two days in a row. According to the National Centers for Environmental Prediction in the United States. The average temperature for this Monday was 17.01 degrees Celsius, and on Tuesday, it rose further to 17.18 degrees Celsius, making this week the warmest on record for the entire planet. However, this record could be surpassed.

World heat records have already been broken this year, with disastrous results. A combination of the El Nino weather pattern and carbon dioxide emissions from organizations is liable for the extreme heat. People have died as a result of this intense heat wave across Asia and other regions of the world.

With the commencement of an El Nino weather phenomena in the Pacific Ocean, which the World Meteorological Organization certified on Monday is currently underway, temperatures are anticipated to soar even farther above historical averages over the course of the next year.

Climate change projections suggest that the frequency and severity of high-temperature events may increase in the future,

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