Palestinian activists call for a Global Strike in Solidarity with Gaza

Palestinian activists and grassroots organizations have issued a global call for a strike on Monday, demanding an immediate ceasefire as Israel continues its aggression in Gaza. The call comes in response to Israel’s willingness to prolong the conflict, facing international outrage over its military offensive.

The National and Islamic Forces, a coalition of major Palestinian factions, urged a comprehensive global strike, encompassing all aspects of life, to express solidarity with Palestinians enduring genocide, displacement, and ethnic cleansing.

The strike, marked by the hashtag #StrikeForGaza, aims to paralyze the global economy as a means to draw attention to the plight of Palestinians. Social media activists provided guidance on participation, suggesting refraining from commercial activities, online shopping, online banking, and using the mentioned hashtag. The global movement also opposes the broader war launched by Israel, emphasizing the impact on children, women, and the elderly.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported alarming statistics, stating that the ongoing Israeli aggression since October 7 has resulted in approximately 18,000 Palestinian deaths, including thousands of children and women, with tens of thousands wounded.

Palestinian media personalities, Wizard Bisan and Motaz Azaiza, called for a global economic strike and boycott, urging followers to refrain from spending money on Monday to send a shock through the global economic system. The movement is not explicitly tied to the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) campaign but aligns with the growing traction of the movement amid the current conflict.

The United States recently vetoed a UN Security Council resolution for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. Efforts to negotiate a fresh truce remain stalled, with the UN General Assembly expected to vote on a draft resolution demanding a ceasefire. Lebanon has announced plans to observe a strike in support of the global call for Gaza, closing public offices and educational institutions.

The call for a global strike reflects a united front among Palestinians and international supporters, seeking to amplify their opposition to the ongoing crisis, urging influential figures to take a stand against the open genocide in Gaza and the broader Israeli actions in the West Bank.

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