Mind Of an athlete.

Inside the mind of an athlete is more than what people envision. The mind of an athlete works in mysterious ways. The levels of Dopamine released by the brain is really intense. The focus that one shows for a certain amount of time in order to be able to compete is fascinating. All athletes might find it difficult to switch off after a performance, constantly thinking about each possession and being a mirage of photos in the mind.

Constantly looking for perfection is what each and every top athlete goes through in their journey and being able to accept less is not even a consideration. Athletes mind plays a mini game with them, forcing them to be perfect in all they do in order to gain approval from their coaches, teammates and staff members. The pressure of being in a competitive environment and being handed the task to deliver needs focus and composure.

Think of a basketball player who engages in one of the most competitive sports there are out there. He/she is subjected to too much determination to seek perfection although none exists in this world. Being able to switch off is often very tough for them to practice that is why most people engage in different activities that keep their mind active.

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