Lina Mukherjee sentenced to 2 years imprisonment over a video she shared on the TikTok platform.

On Tuesday, an Indonesian court sentenced Lina Mukherjee to prison after finding her guilty of blasphemy.

The 33-year-old woman received a two-year prison sentence after posting a video of herself on Tiktok reciting an Islamic prayer before consuming pork in Bali.

The Ulema Council, the leading Muslim religious authority in Indonesia, described Mukherjee’s actions as “blasphemous.”

Mukherjee’s video gained millions of views on the platform, but Indonesian religious organizations denounced it after it provoked reaction.

Additionally, there were complaints from the public, which led to police investigations, which brought charges against Lina Mukherjee.

“I am surprised. I have apologized many times. Actually, I know that I was wrong, but I did not expect the sentence to be two years.”

According to a court document, Lina Lutfiawati was found guilty of circulating “information that was intended to incite hate” in the Indonesian city of Palembang.

For the duration of the trial, Lina Mukherjee sobbed while expressing regret.

On the Tiktok app, Lina posted a video.  In March, she is heard admitting that she is intrigued and is shown ready to try pork, but before she does so, she recites “Bismillahi,” one of the most significant and popular Islamic ayahs, (in the name of Allah), before eating the flesh of the pig.

Lutfiawati apologized to “all Indonesian people by causing a commotion” during an earlier last month court proceeding.

Islam forbids eating pork, and the majority of Muslims still refrain from doing so.

Statista’s study indicates that in 2022, over 87 percent of Indonesians identified as Muslims, followed by 7.43 percent of Christians. As a result, Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world and is occasionally referred to as a Muslim country.

A fine of 250 million rupiah was also imposed on Lina Mukherjee, who has more than two million followers, for inciting religious hate.

The judge stated that if she doesn’t pay the fee, her sentence can be prolonged by three months.

On her social media page, Lina Mukherjee posts lifestyle and cuisine films that include her tasting different dishes.

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