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Iran wants to give Cristiano Ronaldo a unique SIM card to access web without limitations.

Iran needs to give Cristiano Ronaldo and other unfamiliar football players who will before long go to Tehran a unique SIM card that will permit them to get to the web without limitations – something Iranian residents can’t do – which has maddened some in Iran.

Reza Darvish, the leader of Persepolis FC, the football club that will confront Ronaldo’s Al Nassr in an AFC Champions Association tie one week from now in Tehran, told state TV on Tuesday that certain individuals “who need to discolor our standing” tell footballers not to come to Iran since they will not approach unfiltered web.

“I have spoken with the President of [major versatile carrier] Irancell, and I let him know we need to give players and staff Irancell SIM cards with unlimited web so they can utilize it from the time they enter Iran till the time they leave,” he said.

The web in Iran is vigorously limited, and a huge number of sites and all major worldwide informing and virtual entertainment stages are hindered.

The limitations were possibly essentially increase after mid-September 2022 when the passing of Mahsa Amini in police care ignited fights the nation over that went on for quite a long time.

At that point, specialists contended that unfamiliar stages, which can’t be privately directed, were being utilized to imperil the public safety of the country as unfamiliar powers were blamed for supporting “riots” across Iran.

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