Haiti Declares State of Emergency and Curfew After Prison Break

Haiti’s government has declared a state of emergency and imposed a nighttime curfew following a deadly assault on the capital’s main prison, marking a harrowing escalation in the country’s ongoing security crisis. The attack, orchestrated by armed gangs, resulted in the escape of over 3,000 inmates, including dangerous criminals such as murderers and kidnappers, plunging the nation into further chaos and instability.

The curfew, enforced from 6pm to 5am in the Ouest region, including the capital Port-au-Prince, aims to regain control amid escalating violence that has gripped the country in recent days. The government warns that both the curfew and state of emergency may be extended as necessary to restore order and ensure the safety of citizens.

Gang violence has long plagued Haiti, but the recent prison break marks a new low in the country’s security crisis. The coordinated attacks among different gangs left at least five people dead, including police officers, and resulted in chaos within the capital as inmates flooded the streets, posing a significant threat to public safety.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who was abroad during the attacks, faces mounting pressure from gang leaders seeking his resignation. The situation remains tense as armed groups continue to assert control over significant parts of Port-au-Prince, undermining efforts to restore stability and security.

The violence comes amidst a backdrop of political instability following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in 2021. With elections postponed and the government in disarray, Haiti grapples with the challenge of restoring order amid rampant gang activity and a lack of effective governance.

International concern grows as the United States advises its citizens to leave Haiti, and Canada temporarily closes its embassy. The United Nations emphasizes the urgent need for member nations to support and deploy a multinational security force to address the escalating crisis and prevent further bloodshed.

The situation remains fluid as authorities scramble to recapture escaped prisoners and restore order in a country reeling from the aftermath of the prison break and ongoing gang violence. The embattled government faces immense challenges in regaining control and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens amid a deteriorating security situation and widespread unrest.

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