Guinea-Bissau president says this week’s violence was ‘attempted coup’

Gunfire and conflicts that ejected in the capital of Guinea-Bissau this week were an “endeavored overthrow”, President Umaro Sissoco Embalo has said.

Umaro Sissoco Embaló (Guiee Bissau), president de la Republique, lors d’une interview accordee a Jeune Afriuque, le 16.09.2020, a Paris. Vincent Fournier pour JA

Conflicts between the Public Gatekeeper and extraordinary powers of the official watchman broke out in Bissau on Thursday night and progressed forward with Friday after Public Watchman warriors liberated two senior government authorities who were kept on a defilement examination.

The distress in the little West African country left no less than two individuals dead.

Embalo, who was in Dubai going to the COP28 environment gathering, showed up in Bissau on Saturday and said an “endeavored rebellion” had kept him from returning.

“I should let you know this act will have serious results,” he added.

Quiet had returned by early afternoon on Friday to the country with a background marked by unsteadiness, following the declaration that the military had caught Colonel Victor Tchongo, the leader of the Public Gatekeeper.

On Saturday, the security presence in Bissau was decreased yet fighters were as yet apparent around specific vital structures, for example, the official royal residence, the legal police central command and a few services.

Some Public Gatekeeper officials and fighters escaped into the inside of the country, the military said in an assertion on Saturday, without determining numbers.

“ECOWAS further requires the capture and arraignment of the culprits of the occurrence as per the law,” the Abuja-based association included in its explanation Saturday.

The local alliance likewise communicated “its full fortitude with individuals and protected specialists of Guinea-Bissau”.

A representative for Joined Countries boss Antonio Guterres, Stephane Dujarric, on Friday called for quiet and encouraged the security powers and the military “to keep ceasing from impedance in public governmental issues”.

The AFP news organization, citing military and insight sources, expressed individuals from the Public Watchman on Thursday raged a police headquarters to free Fund Priest Souleiman Seidi and Depository Secretary Antonio Monteiro.

The team had been brought in to be interrogated on Thursday morning about the revealed withdrawal of $10m from state money chests. They had been confined compelled of state examiners who are named by the president.

They were subsequently kept again after the military eliminated them from Public Gatekeeper control.

The Public Gatekeeper is heavily influenced by the inside service, which, as most services in the nation, is overwhelmed by the PAIGC party whose alliance won the June 2023 races.

There have been no less than 10 overthrows or endeavored upsets in Guinea-Bissau since freedom from Portugal in 1974, with only one justly chosen president finishing a full term in office.

Embalo, who was chosen for a five-year term in December 2019, endure a bombed topple in February 2022.

West Africa has been hit by various military takeovers throughout the course of recent years, remembering two for Mali, one in Guinea, two in Burkina Faso and one in Gabon.

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