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Global McDonald’s System Outage Causes Chaos in Stores Worldwide

McDonald’s, the renowned fast-food giant, grappled with a widespread systems failure on Friday, leading to the closure of numerous outlets across multiple countries. Operations were disrupted in countries such as Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the United States, leaving both staff and customers frustrated.

The outage, labeled as a “technology outage” by McDonald’s, affected various aspects of operations, including online orders, self-service kiosks, and electronic transactions. Reports surfaced of stores resorting to pen and paper to jot down orders due to malfunctioning systems.

While McDonald’s acknowledged the issue, it categorically ruled out cybersecurity concerns as the cause, dispelling rumors circulating on social media. However, the exact cause of the outage remains unclear.

Customers globally took to social media platforms to express their grievances, with complaints pouring in from countries such as China, Germany, Austria, and Canada. The outage not only disrupted operations but also impacted McDonald’s stock performance, with a 5% decline since the start of the year.

Efforts to resolve the issue were underway, with McDonald’s personnel working to restore normalcy in affected stores. Despite the challenges, some outlets managed to resume operations, albeit with manual processes in place.

McDonald’s, with over 40,000 restaurants worldwide, faced a shaky start to the year, compounded by disruptions caused by conflicts in the Middle East, which adversely affected business operations.

The outage adds to a series of technical glitches experienced by prominent companies, reminiscent of Meta-owned Facebook and Instagram’s recent global service disruption.

As McDonald’s endeavors to address the system failure, customers await the swift resolution of the issue, hoping for a return to seamless service at their favorite fast-food chain.

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