Electric Bus Crash Claims 21 Lives near Venice Italy

21 individuals lost their lives on Tuesday night when an electric bus carrying 39 passengers crashed and plunged off a flyover near Venice, Italy.

The Electric Bus was seen speeding past another bus on the flyover’s CCTV camera before it overturned.

The Bus caught fire upon reaching down and it was quickly put off.

The Electric Bus was upside down and was seen generating a plume of smoke in photos taken at the disaster site.

Three children, including an infant baby, died in the bus crash, according to the emergency services.

According to Venice City Councilor Mr. Renato Boraso, the 40-year-old driver had years of experience operating the bus, but the exact cause of the accident is still unknown. Mr. Boraso speculates that the driver may have been operating the bus while suffering from a medical condition, which led to the collision.

According to local prefect Michele Di Bari, there were five Ukrainians and one German visitor among the fatalities.

Five people suffered critical injuries out of the total injuries suffered by the fifteen victims.

As some people were rushed to the hospital in critical conditions, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi warned that the death toll could rise.

The 40-year-old driver, Alberto Rizzotto, was among those who died from the Bus crash.

There was no evidence on the road that Alberto Rizzotto, who had been driving for La Linea for seven years, had attempted to brake before the collision.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, received condolences from Italian President Sergio Mattarella for “the very serious tragedy.”

Giorgia Meloni, the prime minister of Italy, expressed the nation’s condolences to the victims’ loved ones and friends.

According to Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, a “huge tragedy” has occurred. He said on social media, “Apocalyptic scene, there are no words.”

In contrast to prior reports, the La Linea bus company emphasized that the car was electric.

The first individuals on the scene were a 27-year-old Gambian employee and a coworker.

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