Donald Trump cancels plans to testify at civil fraud trial in New York.

Former United States President Donald Trump has decided against testifying for a second time at his civil fraud trial in New York, saying he has “nothing more to say”.

Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, said on Sunday that he saw no need to testify as he had done so “very successfully & conclusively” last month.

“I have previously vouched for all that and have nothing more to say,” Trump said in a post on his Reality Social stage.

Trump had been supposed to take the testimony box on Monday for the situation including charges that the previous president, his relatives and representatives swelled the worth of land resources by billions of dollars to get better bank advances and protection terms.

Trump legal counselor Christopher Kise said there was “actually nothing more to share with a forced an unlawful adjudicator gag request and up to this point seems to have disregarded President Trump’s declaration and that of every other person associated with the complex monetary exchanges at issue for the situation”.

New York Head legal officer Letitia James, who recorded the claim, said her office had proactively demonstrated Trump “serious long stretches of monetary extortion and unfairly enhanced himself and his loved ones.

“Regardless of the amount he attempts to occupy from the real world, the realities don’t lie.”

In a resistant and confrontational appearance on November 6, Trump conflicted with examiners for more than three and a half hours as he protected his riches and denied bad behavior.

Judge Arthur Engoron has proactively decided that James’ office has given “convincing proof” that Trump exaggerated his total assets by somewhere in the range of $812m and $2.2bn and requested the liquidation of a few organizations dealing with the resources being referred to.

Engoron, whom Trump has marked “unfriendly” and a “political hack”, in October hit the previous president with $15,000 in fines for disregarding a fractional gag request forced over deriding comments posted web-based about the appointed authority’s regulation representative.

Trump has marked the procedures, which don’t convey the gamble of criminal punishments, for example, jail time, as a sectarian “witch chase”.

The preliminary, which will go on without Trump’s declaration, is supposed to finish up in January.

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