An image of the cover book, But She went to Juba.

In the realm of love, our story did unfold,
Two souls entwined, their hearts pure, behold.
Our path was paved with hope and grace,
Bound by affection, a warm embrace.
Life was a symphony, sweet and divine,
Until fate whispered, “Depart, my love, from this line.”

Fate’s cruel hand played a wicked role,
As she ventured to Juba, a city bold.
Juba’s allure beckoned her, a city afar,
She ventured forth, led by an ambitious star.
Innocence she carried, a treasure untold,
Yet the spoils of life soon tarnished its gold.

Innocence met temptation’s snare,
And life’s grand feast, she began to share.
Juba’s Big Boys, with their opulent embrace,
Swept her away to a world of glamour and grace.
Five-star hostels, where she dined and was praised,
A life she embraced, her senses amazed.

Juba’s Big Boys, with pockets deep,
Unveiled a world she could now reap.
Her eyes beheld wonders she’d never seen,
Lunches and dinners fit for a queen.
But alas, my love, I couldn’t compete,
For my pockets were empty, my future discreet.

Turkey and Dubai, distant lands of allure,
She ventured there, a lifestyle so pure.
Shopping sprees and vacations untamed,
A world only Big Boys could have claimed.
She soared on wings of luxury and gold,
While I stood grounded, dreams untold.

Her heart drifted further, blinded by greed,
As she measured my worth, found me in need.
In her eyes, I was worthless, a mere afterthought,
A fresh graduate struggling, dreams left uncaught.
A fresh graduate, with no fortune’s bliss,
I watched her drift, consumed by this abyss.

Promises shattered, love’s flame flickered and died,
In the wake of disparity, my heart deeply sighed.
Once a love so promising, now torn apart,
Betrayed by a life that struck us with its dart.
In distant memories, I clinged to the past,
When love was pure, a love that would last.

Now I stand as a broken soul, left to grieve,
Watching the remnants of love slowly leave.
The lady I once knew, lost in glimmering lights,
Trading true affection for material delights.
Now I walk alone, with a wounded heart
From this tale of love, worlds apart.

Yet, I shall mend, rise from this shattered affair,
Rebuild my spirit, for I still have love to share.
Heartbroken and lost, I pen this verse,
A lament of love’s demise, a mournful curse.
“But she went to Juba,” I whisper with pain,
An elegy for love, forever stained.

Farewell, my love, may you find what you seek,
In the arms of Big Boys, whose fortune may speak.
As I forge ahead, stronger and anew,
I’ll cherish the memories, and bid you adieu.

A collection of Poems composed by Sebit Gordon.

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