Biden Warns Israel of Waning Global Support Amid Indiscriminate Bombing of Gaza

In a candid address to donors, US President Joe Biden expressed concern over Israel’s “indiscriminate bombing” in its conflict with Hamas, warning that such actions risked losing international support. Biden emphasized the importance of balancing Israel’s security needs with the safety of innocent Palestinians, highlighting a shift in global sentiment.

The president urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reconsider his government’s stance, labeling it as the most conservative in Israel’s history. Biden specifically called for a change in Netanyahu’s approach to a two-state solution, a stance that Washington officially supports.

The president asserted that Israel’s security relies not only on the United States but also on global support, which he believes is diminishing due to the ongoing military campaign. Meanwhile, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan is set to travel to Israel for talks with the Israeli war cabinet, emphasizing diplomatic efforts to address the situation.

The comments come as the United Nations General Assembly passed a nonbinding resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire, signaling global concerns over the impact of the conflict on civilians. The president expressed his worry about the civilian casualties caused by the conflict, criticizing Israel for its actions since the October 7 attack by Hamas. Biden highlighted the need for Israel to avoid repeating past mistakes and emphasized the importance of preventing harm to innocent Palestinians.

Despite his critical stance, Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to supporting Israel, emphasizing the country’s independence and the threat posed by Hamas. In response to Biden’s comments, Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the US for its support but acknowledged disagreements, particularly regarding the post-conflict governance of Gaza.

Netanyahu expressed a commitment to preventing a repetition of past mistakes, referencing the Oslo Accords and signaling a reluctance to embrace a two-state solution. The Israeli leader defended the country’s ground offensive on Gaza, claiming full backing from the US and rejecting international pressure to halt the war.

Israeli Military Faces Losses as Gaza Conflict Continues

The Israeli army has confirmed the death of 10 soldiers, including a colonel commanding a forward base for the Golani infantry brigade, in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The casualties occurred amid ongoing heavy resistance from Hamas, drawing international outrage and prompting rare criticism from the United States over civilian casualties. At least seven soldiers were reportedly killed in a Gaza City ambush, underscoring the challenges faced by the Israeli military.

The conflict has sparked diplomatic isolation for Israel, with the United Nations demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The General Assembly passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire, with three-quarters of member states voting in favor.

As the conflict escalates, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees warns of a deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza, describing it as “one of the most dangerous places in the world.” The revised death toll in Gaza stands at over 18,400 Palestinians since the conflict began on October 7, while the death toll in Israel is reported at 1,147. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees anticipates more displacement in the region, with 85% of Gaza’s population internally displaced. Israel continues its air and ground offensive, further intensifying the toll on both sides in the Israel-Hamas war.

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