Google has launched a new Artificial Intelligence tool that will help banks with anti-money laundering. This has enabled the information to be more accurate. Most financial institutions are trying to solve these problems and these banks are required to screen their transactions and its customers who do business with the banks to ensure that integrity is kept, and no suspicious activity is detected.


Google Cloud has come up with a plan that will be able help the banks, the news AI tool will reduce or eradicate manual work that used to be done, and the data that is being held by the bank has become so complex. Programs are already ready for them to be released to the system and machine learning will be able to compute and simplify the data through programs that are already in check. This has its benefits and ensures that the final input becomes more accurate all together.

How does this tool differ from other AI tools? Google cloud’s new tool is stronger than the ones out there already and much more efficient. The goal of Google is to get the machine learning to read data and be able to be utilized in the process and not in the end of the process.

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